When you need your website fixed, Mr Digital is your trusted website repair team

Sometimes your website may need to be repaired due to hacking, spamming or poor coding. Websites are susceptible to being hacked if not properly designed, managed or hosted.

Malicious coding and hackers can do significant damage to your website, therefore certain measures need to be taken to protect your online asset, however, fixing the problems is our first step.

Some common website problems that occur

  • Inject codes into your website that can send malicious programs and viruses to your website visitors
  • Completely hijack your website and replace it with their own
  • Spam your contact forms, sending you huge amount of spam emails
  • Display ads on your website (Sometimes adult rated)
  • Muck up your website, making your website look broken or elements out of place
  • Give you random code errors on the website
  • Plugins may cause problems or your website may be stuck in maintenance mode

My website has beenĀ hacked, what do I do?

Our specialist web developers will diagnose your problem, remove the causeĀ and provide you with realistic and effective ways to avoid having this problem again. Some problems are fixed very quickly, either way, our web developer will look at your problem in depth and ensure it is fully fixed.

How it Works

We'll have a quick chat to you about the problems you're having and then access your website to fix the issue. We'll also provide you with steps to prevent it from happening again.

Getting Started

We're ready to fix your website issues straight away, one of our web developers can start on your fix immediately. Call us on 1800 550 262 or e-mail us via the quote form, we'll contact you right back.

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