Sell your business to your website visitors with well written content

Countless businesses have a website that contains just a few pictures and hardly any content or writing. This is fine if you are happy for people to vote with their feet and click to a more interesting or informative website.

Your web content needs to engage and inform your clients – give them a reason to stay and look around, contact you or buy your products or services. And Google loves good content – the more relevant and informative your website – and the more you keep adding engaging content – the better Google likes it.

So why do you need good web content?

  • To stand out from the competition
  • To give people a solution to their problem
  • To encourage a call to action – to buy, phone or subscribe to your blog
  • To educate your customers
  • To increase your credibility and reputation
  • To build a positive relationship with your customers
  • To help your website rate higher for your keywords
  • To increase social media sharing
  • To build your brand
  • The better the content, the more organic backlinks, and… search engines love it!

Do I really need a blog?

Hey – this is one of the best content marketer’s secrets! Writing a blog is great for your business – why? Well, because you can:

  • Give your clients free tips – and they love free stuff!
  • Answer their questions or comments
  • Build good customer rapport and trust
  • Increase customer confidence with your depth of knowledge
  • Promote new products or services
  • Become the authority figure in your field
  • Send newsletters or specials to subscribers


  • Blogging is a great way to market your business philosophy, ideas or projects
  • By linking to your blog from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – you can increase your social media network and bring more clients to your website.
  • Engaging posts = more traffic
  • A blog is a low-cost marketing strategy
  • Google loves regularly updated and well written, SEO content
  • Great posts = more customers

You can even post your blogs to your Facebook business page, which is great for social media networking. And social media is the way of the future – blog posts can easily go viral once posted to Facebook!

And if people like your posts they will subscribe because they want to be notified of your next post. This gives you their email address and you can legitimately send them product updates, specials, surveys or invites to product launches.

Why a content writer

If you're not confident writing your own website's content, don't worry - it's completely normal. It's quite difficult coming up with content that not only engages your clients but provides search engines with relevant keywords. Our content writer can create fantastic content for your website.

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