WordPress is one of the most used content management systems online

WordPress is a simple, yet powerful system that allows you to manage your website easily. Add content, blog posts and much more to your website with ease. At Mr Digital, we specialise in WordPress because we believe that everyone should have the ability to update their website easily. We’ve perfected our WordPress skills over the years and can provide clients with custom made websites using WordPress as the background engine. We can create functionality in WordPress that caters to your needs.

Custom setup your WordPress

Your business may have requirements that require custom WordPress coding, we can help you with many things such as:

  • Real estate listings (Easily add/edit/delete listings)
  • Client testimonials (Allow your clients to add testimonials that you can approve an automatically appear on your website)
  • Product catalogues
  • Team member listings
  • Custom timetables

We can assist with any functionality needed.

How are we different?

At Mr Digital,  unless asked, we don’t buy themes, we create them from scratch. We use minimal WordPress premium plugins to make your website work well, anything else is done through website coding.

How it works

We can do a lot in WordPress. We can create a theme from scratch or customise a theme you've purchased. We can add extra functionality to your current WordPress website and much more.

Getting Started

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