We’re a Google Apps authorised reseller and provide full setup of Google Apps for Australian businesses.

Google Apps is a suite of apps that combine to provide your business with all the necessary tools for the cloud. One of the most popular reason for moving over to Google Apps is their mail and drive platform.

Are you familiar with Gmail? Then think of Google Apps as a premium version of Gmail plus much more. You’ll essentially be using Google to manage your business email address If your current e-mail system is unreliable, extremely difficult to set up, your devices are not syncing properly, you may benefit from switching your e-mail system over to Google Apps. You have unlimited storage space, the power of Google search in your e-mails (find e-mails ridiculously easily), Google Drive to store your files on the cloud to ensure you always have backups and much more.

Never miss an e-mail again, enjoy the benefits of accessing your e-mail on every device, fully synchronised. Even have your calendar and contacts synced on all devices.

Google Apps on Microsoft Outlook

Love Microsoft Outlook? No problem, Google Apps work perfectly with Microsoft Outlook. You’ll also have the convenience of accessing your e-mail through gmail directly.

Migration of your current e-mail

We’ll assist in migration of your current pop3 or imap e-mails to your new gmail setup.

How it works

Our team will migrate your e-mail accounts from your current POP3 or IMAP setup. We'll set your e-mail up on your PC and Devices and ensure everyone's e-mail is working properly. From then on, you'll be able to take advantage of the security and reliability of Google Apps for your business.

Getting Started

Lets have a quick chat about what you need. How many staff members you need accounts for and when you need it done. We can start straight away!

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