Be confident that your website is on a fast, Australian based server that is fully managed and backed up

Web hosting is essential for your website to be online, it is a secure server where your website is stored, allowing it to be accessed 24/7. There are different types of web hosting catering to different requirements, however, usually overlooked, the quality of the web hosting is very important.

Need fast affordable and reliable web hosting? Want a web host but also a web developer combined? Our servers are ultra fast based in Sydney, Australia. All of our client’s websites are backed up three times weekly, twice fortnightly and once monthly.

Why are we a better option?

We can manage your service, providing not just hosting but also website assistance and maintenance. Traditional web hosts will provide you with hosting, but not have anything to do with your website coding – you can securely host your website on our ultra fast Australian based server with the convenience of our web designers being able to help you with any of your website problems in future. Not everyone’s a tech wizz, so our team is dedicated to helping you run your business’ website properly, saving you time, money, hassle and headaches!

Free website transfer

We’ll transfer your website from your current host onto our servers free of charge. We’ll also take a back up of your website and send it to you once we’ve transferred it for your peace of mind.

What we offer

  • Managed web hosting (We’ll sort out all the technical stuff)
  • Ultra fast Sydney based hosting
  • Backups included
  • E-mail setup for your devices
  • Free setup on Google Apps
  • Ample web space and bandwidth
  • Ongoing support

Getting Started

Call us on (02) 8999 3311 or contact us via the quote form, we'll be in touch with you within the hour to set you up.

Website Transfers

We offer a complimentary website transfer service. We will copy your website from your other web hosting and install it onto our secure servers, we will also test that your website works perfectly.

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