System Requirements Failed

PHP Version

You meet 0 of 1 required requirements.

For assistance installing a new version of PHP please contact your hosting provider or server administrator.


>=7.2.0 <7.5   Not available, found PHP version:

PHP Extensions

You meet 13 of 15 required requirements and 5 of 5 optional requirements.

PHP extensions differ depending on your server, your host and other system variable. For assistance installing missing extensions, please contact your hosting provider or server administrator.


BCMath   Disabled
cURL   Enabled
Ctype   Enabled
DOM   Enabled
FileInfo   Enabled
GD   Enabled
Iconv   Enabled
ionCube Loader   Disabled
JSON   Enabled
Mbstring   Enabled
OpenSSL   Enabled
PDO   Enabled
PDO_MySQL   Enabled
Tokenizer   Enabled
XML   Enabled


Date   Enabled
Gettext   Enabled
IMAP   Enabled
LDAP   Enabled
Zlib   Enabled

PHP Settings

For additional assistance, please read PHP Settings Help.


PNG & JPEG Support   Success
Disabled Functions   Success
>= 128MB Memory   Success


IPv6 Support   If your server has IPv6 networking support, please install the php-sockets extension.
'allow_url_fopen' Enabled   Enable 'allow_url_fopen' in your php.ini file to use Gravatar and other features.

File Permissions

You meet 1 of 1 required requirements.

All of the below should be writable by the web server. We recommend using 755 file permissions, though some systems may require 777 if the files are not owned by the web server user. Directories should be recursively writable.


/home/digital/public_html/support/bootstrap/cache   Writable